Updates & News

New Bylaws Approved

At the Rocky View Water Co-op Ltd. Annual General Meeting will on Thursday, April 20, 2017 the membership approved revisions to the Bylaws, particularly changes to the process of transferring Class B Shares upon the sale of a property.

The new Bylaws are posted on the forms page of this website or available from the office.

Water Conservation

The unusually dry summer season has resulted in a considerable increase in water demand.  We encourage you to conserve water during this dry time, particularly regarding irrigation of yards.

Do not over water, and ensure you are watering earlier in the morning or in the evening.   Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Water Service Panel Alterations are illegal.

Your water service panel, including your meter set, serves multiple purposes beyond metering your water consumption.  The panel regulates flow and pressure based on the design of our system, and prevents potentially dangerous back flow situations.  Modifying the components can result in increased demands and potentially damage to our infrastructure.  This contravenes the Bylaws and Terms and Conditions of Service, and can result in disconnection of service and cancellation of membership in the Co-op.