The Co-op operates on the premise that all development should pay for itself. Developers and property owners are responsible for all costs incurred to service properties, and will be required to complete a Water Services Agreement with the Co-op prior to development. This agreement will define the terms and conditions of development including design standards, fees, construction and maintenance security, Water Supply Control panels etc.

Prior to issuing confirmation of water supply for the purposes of subdivision or development permit application with Rocky View County, a deposit of 50% is required to reserve the CUs required for the development.

Capacity Unit

A Capacity Unit is designated for the property which it has been purchased, and provides access to the Co-op’s treated water system. One CU provides up to 22.725 liters per minute (5 IGPM) of instantaneous flow-restricted supply, subject to an average rate of supply of 2.2725 liters per minute (0.5 IGPM) over a 24-hour period or 3,272.4 liters per day (720 IGPD).

A Developer is required to purchase one CU for each lot or parcel in a residential subdivision and not less than two CU’s for each lot or parcel in a commercial subdivision before any waterline construction will be approved.

For further information, download the Property Developer Information on the Forms page.